week of 25 february

25 Feb 2019

25 feb

Today has been a bit of whirlwind, but it’s all for the good! I sat down with Jared to go over Wordpress and Github, and we also went over workflows. This system uses grunt and bower somewhat extensively… and I haven’t used those since 2014. So there will be some catch-up work to do there. Maybe at some point we can upgrade to webpack? Only time will tell, my friends.

Steven also thinks a good “get my feet wet” project would be updating the room reservation timetables app. It currently displays perfectly on the big screen on the first floor of the library, but it doesn’t behave responsively for the “meeting minders” outside of group study rooms/meeting rooms. My job is to fix that! So far, I can’t tell why the whole website runs on bootstrap but it was left out of this app… ?? Seems like it would’ve been a pretty easy way to format these tables to act responsively, but maybe I’m naive about that.

It ended up being a pretty easy fix after I’d perused the files. It wasn’t really a responsive issue. Drew used a third-party plugin/library for a responsive table of hours, but the mobile scroll feature was disabled. Once I rewrote a few lines of css, everything’s good. I then turned the row titles into flexbox containers so the text to wrap and look nicer on a smaller screen. Yay, for easy!